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French-American Jam at the Cook Shack

One of the highlights of the musical year for me is the French-American Jam at the Cook Shack. Tom and Gail, who organize the house concerts at the Cook Shack, have several friends who come from France for MerleFest. They always have a jam the week before MerleFest with the French and of course some local folks, including the Kruger Brothers. I’ve been to several of these jams and they’re always fun, but this particular year it was just amazing – one of those magical times that comes along only occasionally. One of the men from France translated into French a Kruger Brothers song they had written about Maynard (a local fellow who sings with them often and is at the Cook Shack every Saturday) coming home from Vietnam. The French guy, Yves, sang it in French that night, accompanied by the Kruger Brothers and Maynard and everyone else there. It was beautiful. Not many dry eyes after that. Yves is in the white shirt in the front row. Jens Kruger is to his left and Uwe Kruger, who wrote the song, is on the far right in the picture.

April 21, 2009

Gallery: French-American Jam at the Cook Shack
French-American Jam at the Cook Shack