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Shearing Day at Rising Meadow Farm

This shearing day was a chilly one. There were many hand-knit wool hats keeping ears warm (including mine). In addition to the sheep shearing, they were selling the fleeces - some of them as they soon as they came off the sheep. And there were 2 new lambs to see, though lambing hadn't started in earnest. But the highlight for me was the shearing. They had 2 shearers, both using blades - an older man and a young woman. It was amazing to watch them handle the sheep. Some of the sheep protested a bit when they were moved from the holding area to the shearing area (just about 10-20 feet), but they were putty in the hands of the shearers. The sheep on the right in this picture was being sheared by the guy in the blue pants. I didn't even realize this was the pic I got until I was home and saw it on the computer.

Oscar (the dog) did some serious sniffing of my shoes that night.

February 12, 2011

Gallery: Shearing Day at Rising Meadow Farm
Shearing Day at Rising Meadow Farm