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Dead Lake, Minnesota

This picture brings back wonderful memories of the Hogan cousins gathering in August 2004 - and specifically a great day of visiting and pancakes at the Parsons' cottage on Dead Lake. My cousin Jolene pointed out this "scene" with the chair on the dock. It had caught my eye too, but I pursued it a bit more after she mentioned it. After I returned home, I put up a 13 X 19 inch enlargement of this picture at my desk at work. A few days later a friend said she was working at the end of my row of cubicles and all day she saw people stop at my desk and sigh. (I'm out of the office most of the day.) Finally she got up to go see what they were sighing about. "And," she said, "I sighed too." I now have this picture hanging in my dining room and once in a while I just stop and take a long look.

August 22, 2004

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Dead Lake, Minnesota