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Jane Running in a Field

Otter Tail County, Minnesota

OK... I know this doesn’t look like a picture of “Jane running in a field.” When I came home in the summer of 1971, I had a new (to me) camera with a self timer. (See notes with the previouis picture.) I thought the self-timer was just the greatest. So I went out to the field by the road and set my camera on the mailbox. My youthful idea was to set the timer and have the camera go off as I was running through the field. Very romantic. I set the timer, pressed the shutter and took off running, knowing I’d have about 8 seconds before the camera would take the picture. I didn’t get very far before I stepped into a hole and fell hard - flat on my face. I hardly knew what happened. Then as I was lying with my face in the dirt, I heard the shutter click. This was the picture.

June 1971

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Jane Running in a Field