Bluebird update

March 16, 2018

See the previous blog post (February 28) for a bit of background.

From what I could see, there wasn't any activity around the nest box for the first week.  The morning of March 8, I moved this small dish feeder from the deck to the back yard - about 5-6 feet from the bluebird nesting box.  And I filled it with mealworms.  The bluebirds (and other birds) had been gobbling up the mealworms I had put in feeders on the deck.  So I thought this might draw them to the area of the next box.

And it did.  Almost immediately there were bluebirds at the dish. 


And later that morning, this bird was checking out the view from the roof.  That evening I looked inside the box to see if there were any signs of a nest.  There were a few very tiny scraps of moss in the box.  In my effort to be a conscientious property manager, I took my small hand tiller to the driveway where there was some moss, tilled it up and spread it on the ground around the  nest box.


This was taken on March 11th - no additional material in the box that evening.


March 14 - still no change inside the box.

This afternoon I went to fill the mealworm dish and checked the box, not expecting to see anything but the very little bit of moss that had been there since March 8.


But there was a cushy bed of moss - not the clumps of moss/dirt that I had tossed on the ground, but clean green moss.  It looked very comfy - almost made me want to climb right in.  I was amazed.  Stay tuned.



Photos ©Jane Hogan