Bird Report: Mourning Doves and Bluebirds

February 28, 2018

I have a lot of mourning doves in my backyard trees and at the deck feeders.  They often come in pairs, but it's not unusual to see 6-8 of them crowding around the platform feeder or waddling up and down the deck rail.  I've always enjoyed watching them - and taking pictures of them.



A couple weeks ago when I was walking past the kitchen window, I was amazed to see a mourning dove with a "tuft" on top of its head.  I grabbed my camera and was able to get several pictures before it flew off.  I've been watching mourning doves through that window for 28 years and have never seen anything like what was on that one's head.  I saw what I'm assuming was the same bird the next morning, but haven't see one like it since then.



That evening I looked through a kazillion (my spellcheck always wants to change that to "bazillion") mourning dove photos on the internet and didn't see one with anything close to a tuft on it's head.  A few days later I checked several bird websites to see if I could find any information, but again - nothing.  Yesterday morning I tried once more and I came up with a picture that was clearly a mourning dove with the same odd feathers on it's head - standing on some snow with lots of seeds around it.  The photo was on a stock photo site, so I didn't get any additional info about the bird.




Now... on to the bluebirds.  I saw the first one of the season last Monday.  That's a little late compared to other years, but I'm glad to see them whenever they show up.







I put up a house for them in January and I'm trying to be patient.




"Well...  I'm thinkin' about it."



Photos ©Jane Hogan