January Snow

January 20, 2018

Photos from my kitchen windows and front door on January 17 and 18th


From my front door






Mourning Dove



Carolina Wren



Female and male cardinals



Sunrise - from my kitchen window

I carved out a space in the snow on the rail so I could easily see the thermometer from the kitchen window -

and then decided to put out some safflower seed for the birds.



Female house finch



Male house finch






Mourning dove









This is from January 17.  A cardinal was using this same bush for shelter in December.

Here is a post from that December snow:




8:44 a.m.                                        11:30 a.m.                                         2:56 p.m.

Last year's rosemary plant and a trough with greens and red berries (under the snow)

January 17, 2018


Photos ©Jane Hogan