Spring Birds

April 28, 2016

I have a new bird feeder this spring that I love.  It's a pole with a seed dish attached.  The dish with a small bird sculpture is wonderful, but I have to admit, my favorite part is the pole - a pipe with a faucet (decorative) attached about halfway up.   

I started out with the feeder in front of the house with a pot of flowers at its base and petunias in the window boxes behind it.  I liked how that looked, but realized I'd rarely see (and even more important, rarely get pictures of) the birds using it.



So... after a few days, I moved the new feeder to the deck at the back of the house.  There are several other feeders there - and lots of bird activity.  I knew how much I liked the new feeder, but I had no idea how much the birds would like it.  It was a big hit with the whole gang.  They were moving so fast it was a struggle to get a picture that wasn't just a blur. 


Here are some pictures taken from the kitchen window and from the back door.


House Finch




Just before I took this picture, the chickadee was cracking a sunflower seed on the cement bird's tail.



 House Finch with juvenile

I love seeing the juveniles coming to the feeders - especially the house finches with their "punk" hairdo's.



Carolina Wren



Tufted Titmouse



House Finch



Waiting in line...



The first evening I was taking pictures, I vaguely noticed a turquoise "something" off to the side - not in the frame I was shooting.  It didn't register for awhile - I was very absorbed with the birds and feeder - but finally I decided I needed to walk over there to see what it was.  And I found this egg shell in the platform feeder attached to the deck rail.  When I looked a couple hours later, the shell was up on the deck rail.   It certainly looks "robin's egg blue".  But, the robins only come to the bird bath attached to the other end of the deck.  They never use the feeders.  After doing some googling, I learned that the house finch also has eggs this color.  There are a lot of house finches around - and several juveniles too.  By the next morning, the egg was gone.


Addendum:  April 30, 2016  When I refilled the new feeder this morning I used a different kind of seed.  I'm not sure if that's what prompted these guys to try it out, or if they just wanted to get in on the fun.  The mourning doves usually hang out on the platform feeder and the cardinals on the platform or the suet feeders.





Mourning Doves