Hallaway Hill

October 07, 2016

When I was growing up, one of the places I learned to ski was at Hallaway Hill.  This is now part of Maplewood State Park near Pelican Rapids, Minnesota.  There is a trail that goes to the top of the hill and a very nice "setting" with 2 benches, some history of the ski hill and the hills, lakes and prairies in the area, and long views of those hills, lakes and prairies.  When I was near the park in September, I stopped to climb to the hill.  It was a beautiful day in a wonderful spot - and full of memories.


The beginning of the trail to the top of Hallaway






Oscar and the sumac






Lots of smells - walking with Oscar makes it easy (mandatory) to stop and smell the roses...

or whatever smells happen to be in the area.



The top of the hill



Lake Lida






Details of this history can be seen - in a form large enough to be read - on my Hallaway Hill web page.



Hallaway Hill - early-mid 1950's  (This photo and the following photos)Hallaway Hill - early-mid 1950's (This photo and the following photos)

Hallaway Hill in the early-mid 1950's - my dad is on the left - looking at the camera

Lake Lida is in the background.


More pictures of Hallaway - old and new - and a history of "The Hills and Lakes" and "Goat Prairies" can be seen on the Hallaway Hill page of my web site.