The Day After

January 27, 2016

RobinRobin We had snow and sleet (and snow and sleet and... well you get the idea) on January 22nd and 23rd.  After the snow, etc had stopped on Saturday, I noticed this robin sitting in a tree in my back yard - all puffed out against the cold.

Sunday morning I opened my back door and nearly fell over at the sight of dozens of robins in a tree in my back yard.  And as I looked around, I realized that all of the trees in my yard and the neighbors' yards were full of robins.  Robins in my yard in January is not the norm.  My guess is they stayed around this year to enjoy our unusually warm winter. 

The trees in my backyard on Sunday (January 24, 2016) were filled with robins.The trees in my backyard on Sunday (January 24, 2016) were filled with robins. It was impossible to capture the sight of all those robins with my camera.  But I grabbed it anyway, and started taking individual "portraits". 


I learned quickly that I had to stay inside, because as soon as I opened the door, they all flew off.  But it didn't take long for them to return.  So I stood at the back door with my camera and tripod and took a kazillion pictures.  Even when I stayed inside, it was often challenging because frequently they all flew off, were gone for a few minutes, and then came back.


After awhile, I noticed that the robins seemed to be going back and forth to a tree at the edge of my yard.  It was a volunteer that had just grown up over the years.  I'd never paid much attention to it, but I do remember noticing berries on it in the fall.  Robin feasting on berries.Robin feasting on berries. And now I realized it was loaded with berries - and also loaded with robins eating as fast as they could. 


Addendum:  a couple pictures of the tree after the birds completely stripped it of berries.



And where there are berries...

Cedar WaxwingCedar Waxwing ...there are Cedar Waxwings.  They usually come for a day in February or March - or 2 days at the most.  They strip the bushes of berries and then gather around the bird bath, jostling for a spot where they can get some water.  Or dive-bombing from above.  They certainly weren't sitting still on Sunday, but I managed to get a couple of pics when they were perched.

Cedar WaxwingCedar Waxwing This one was sitting (where else?) on the edge of the bird bath - which is behind the snow.



"A poor life this, if, full of care,

       We have no time to sit and stare."    

William Henry Davies