Christmas Full Moon

December 26, 2015

Christmas Moon ~ December 25, 2015 ~ 10:41 p.m. EST


This year, the December full moon was on Christmas Day.  For Earth’s Western Hemisphere, it was the first full moon on Christmas Day since 1977.  And we won’t have another Christmas full moon until 2034.

We had a solid week of rain/clouds leading up to Christmas, so I'd given up on getting a picture of this moon. 

When I was heading to my friends' house about 6 on Christmas, it seemed like the clouds might be breaking up a bit, so I put my tripod and camera in the car.  Before we sat down to eat, I went out to see how the sky looked.  I caught a fleeting glimpse of the moon, but the clouds were moving fast, so it was hard to plan a shot.  I did get a couple of pictures - and I got rained on. 

When driving home later in the evening, I again caught a couple glimpses of the moon as the clouds were moving around and over it.  Once I got home, I set my camera/tripod up on the deck.  The fast moving clouds then were an advantage.  I just had to be ready when there was a clear view of the moon.

Here are a couple of attempts at capturing a picture from the end of my friends' driveway.